Body of 22-Y-O Javin Campbell, ‘Javinci’ Who Was Killed at J.L.P Mass Rally

Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness was just about to conclude his address to the sea of green clad Jamaica Labour Party supporters in Sam Sharpe Square on Sunday night, gunshots rang out sending party supporters scampering for cover.

When the smoke cleared, two men lay dead and three others were injured. One of the injured persons later died in hospital. Police have identified one of the dead men as 22-year-old Javin Campbell, otherwise called ‘Javinci’.

But who is ‘Javinci’?

Sources have unearthed information that Campbell was a top tier member of the feared Sparta gang whose main stomping ground is in the often volatile community of Flanker.

Campbell was reporting to the police on condition of bail in relation to a charge of shooting with intent, which occurred in the troubled community in February last year.

Police in St James described Campbell as a known violence producer who had given orders for serious crimes to be committed.

“We have had him on our watch list for quite some time. We know he is a very violent man and while we had no hard evidence, we have heard that he has been behind several serious crimes in the parish,” a cop who works in the St James Division, told the news team.

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