16-Y-O Mother Says One of Her Twins Was Stolen After Birth At Hospital

A 16-year-old teen who claims she bore twins recently at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital is alleging that one of her babies was stolen shortly after she gave birth.

The teen is fuming that medical staff took her son, and says she and her family will not rest until a proper investigation is done into the matter. The mother is positive she gave birth to two children as she said she heard one crying and heard the nurse said another baby is coming.

"By time mi reach up on the bed him born, mi hear him cry out and then mi look up mi never see him yet. Dem say hold dung back yuh head, and mind the other baby drop out. Mi say wah kinda baby, dem say boy. Dem bring him go under one something and blow him out," she said.

"After that dem push one pill down mi throat, mi nuh know weh the pill for or nothing ... same time the girl baby was coming," the teen recalled. "By time she come out mi never hear she cry, them put her on top of me. Den mi say what kinda baby this and dem say, yes, a one girl ... so mi say thank you, Jesus. Den dem put her under one something and blow her out."

She said she was at the hospital for three days after giving birth and kept asking for her son. "Mi ask dem for di baby and dem wild mi up and say 'yuh deaf, a nuh two baby yuh have, a one baby'," she said.


Yesterday, when our news team visited the hospital, a matron said she was aware of the allegations, however, she was not at liberty to speak to the media. President of South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA), Dr Andre Cook, was shocked upon hearing about the allegations. "That's odd, this is a first. That is not the practice. Let me speak with the Senior Medical Officer and get some information," he said.

The news team was told that an ultrasound, showing two babies, was conducted a week before Sterling gave birth, however, a copy of that ultrasound cannot be located.

Medical practitioner, Dr Jepthah Ford, who is helping the family seek some clarity in the matter, said the teen and her babyfather are from twin families, so this gives them a greater chance of having twin children. "Her mother is a twin, the father's mother is a twin so they were not surprised by the twin pregnancy. What is surprising to them is that they have been absolutely ignored, no recourse anywhere," he said.

The family is worried that because of Sterling's state of mind the baby she is suckling could be affected. "Mi nuh eat food... dem afi deh behind me a say you affi eat cause the baby can't tek stress milk. Me cry mostly," the teen said, adding that clothes and baby supplies were bought in anticipation of twins.

Source: Jamaica Star



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