12-Y-O Raped, Mother Shot And a Man Killed in St James

The St James police have taken two men into custody in relation to a crime spree that was carried out by a group of men in the Shanty Town area of Montego Hills in Montego Bay, St James, on Monday morning.

The crime spree left one man dead and a woman, whose teenage daughter was raped, nursing a gunshot wound.,,

The now deceased man was reportedly shot dead in his effort to flee the scene when the marauding gunmen attempted to rob him.

The mother was shot while resisting the gunmen’s bid to rape both her and her 12-year-old old daughter. The injured woman has been admitted in hospital, but her condition is not listed as being very serious. While the hoodlums failed in their bid to rape her, they succeeded in violating the teenager.

Head of the St James Police Division, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, said the police were quick on the scene and managed to nab the two suspects, who will be charged in relation to the crimes that were committed, including a number of robberies.

He said the invaders fired shots in a manner which suggested that their motives were more than robbery and rape, and that consideration was being taken into account in the overall investigation, including the interrogation of the suspects.



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