6 Inmates Escaped Police Lock-Up in Montego Bay

A major man hunt is now on, for six escapees, following a jail-break at the Freeport Police Lock-Up in Montego Bay, St James, between last night, and early this morning.

Police personnel discovered the prisoners missing from their cell, during a head count, this morning.

The men are charged with various crimes, to include murder, illegal possession of firearm, and robbery with aggravation. Police personnel have reportedly been deployed in search of the escapees.

It’s understood that a large hole was discovered in the wall of the cell, and a section of a grill to the rear of the cell block was cut. Head of the St James Police Ssp Steve Mcgregor says preliminary reports are that the men breached a plumping fixture in the cell.

On the run are:

  1. 30-year-old, Kelvin Hodge of Jenkins Corner in Barrett Town, St James. He was charged with murder.
  2. 29-year-old Randy Murray of Llandilo Phase 6 in Westmoreland, charged with illegal possession of firearm.
  3. 34 year-old, Marcus Robinson of Dome Street, Montego Bay, charged with illegal possession of firearm and murder
  4. 30-year-old Gregory Roberts of Maroon Town. He was charged with illegal possession of firearm.
  5. 21-year-old Benjamin Stephenson of Dias in Lucea, Hanover, facing a murder charge.
  6. 26-year-old Shaniel Luton of Farm Heights, St James for illegal possession and murder.

It’s understood that Luton was convicted of murder and was to be sentenced on December 4.

Members of the public are being urged, to be extremely careful, and report to the police, any suspicious men, they may see in their neighbourhood.



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