60 Y-O Taxi Driver Stabbed After He Tried To R/\pe A 18 Y-O Passenger

A 60-year-old taxi driver appeared in court for reportedly attacking an 18-year-old woman who stabbed him in his belly after he drove her to an unknown location and tried to have sex with her.

The court heard that the complainant and her friend chartered the taxi, but after friend got off, the driver, Clive Simms, turned off the route to her house and drove her to an unknown location.

He is accused of pulling her into a house where he tried to have sex with her, but ended up in fight in which she cut him with a knife.

“At first he was going the right way, then he turned off and start to drive faster and when we reached a place with some zinc fence he stopped,” the complainant told the court.

“He start draw me by my hair into a board house and then when we reach in there me and him start tussle, and so come me stab him inna him belly bottom,” the complainant further related.

However, the prosecutor told the court that the accused, in his statement, said that he took the woman to the location after she promised to have sex with him.

“Well, send it to trial and a jury will hear it and see if it makes sense, “RM Maxine Ellis said.

The magistrate told the court that nothing was wrong if the complainant had changed her mind about having sex with Simms.

“If it was agreed and it was unagreed, nothing is wrong with that,” she said. “You can take back consent and say it was a mistake and say you want to go home.”

“You can’t hold somebody to a promise that they don’t want to keep,” she added before extending bail to both the accused and the complainant. They are to return to court in January.



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