Police Rescued Gay After Angry Mob Cornered Him

An openly gay man was rescued by police after an angry mob cornered him inside a bank parking lot in Half Way Tree on Tuesday. The news team arrived on the scene just in time to see police keeping the crowd at bay.

The man, who said his name is "Sky", told the news team that he was walking with three friends when the mob descended on them and they ran in different directions. 

Sky said he ran into the popular bank's parking lot. A policeman arrived quicky on the scene and called for assistance.

Not long after that, a team of cops descended on the location and drove Sky to safety.

"Is a good thing I used to play dandy shandy; that's why I could have sight the stones," Sky said.

"I am gay and they wanted to beat me because I am gay. But I am comfortable with who I am," added the man, who taunted the crowd by showing them his buttocks before entering the police vehicle.

Jamaica has a reputation for being intolerant of the gay lifestyle. Members of the crowd were unsympathetic towards the man.

"Ah lucky him lucky, you saved his life," a dread-locked man told the cop who had arrived first on the scene. Added another man: "They should have let him out and give him to us."

Ironically, some members of the crowd praised the policeman for his efforts.



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