Police Raid Gays House On Beechwood Ave; JFLAG Pays Our Rent

Its understood that the men informed the police that they were rightful residents, as their rent was being paid for by JFLAG.

Information reaching our news team is that on Saturday, August 15, a property in the area was searched after the police were bombarded with reports of suspicious activities.

A source close to the operation stated, "We believe that the men and their associates, who once operated in the New Kingston gully, have relocated to this area and have been carrying out illegal activities, abusing residents, among other things."

Information gathered that following the raid of premises, stolen phones, make-up, wigs, and a large quantity of female clothing and accessories were seized.

"It is clear that these are the same group that were operating in New Kingston", the source revealed.

Our news team understands that each member of the group allegedly has a specific role to play in the organisation.

Investigators theorise that among the individuals are persons who work as prostitutes, those who rob and those who resell stolen items.

Its understood that there are people who are victims of these crimes; however, they fail to report them.

The police are also of the belief that the crimes committed by these men have got more serious as they now destroy property and injure their victims.

Our news team was told that when the police sought to have the men removed from the location, they were told that a gay rights activist group, JFLAG, was responsible for their rent, which was being paid.

When contacted, Dane Lewis, executive director of JFLAG, he sought to shed some light on the issue.

He said, "Not so; if they were found there on a weekend. Last week when they were evicted from a previous premises, we had actually paid for a few nights there ... they just got evicted and there was impending rain..."

Lewis also noted, "JFLAG does not condone any illegal activity ... Where any member of society falls ill with the law then the full measure of the law should be handed down..."



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