Chef Severely Beaten by Customers For Selling “Dog Soup”

A man who declared to a group of youngsters that he spitefully cooked dog meat in a pot of soup for them was severely beaten on the weekend. The beating occurred last Saturday in a section of St Ann known as ‘Palace’.

Reports are that the men allegedly owed him money but after their regular Saturday evening game of football, the men, like they do every week, went to buy soup.

But instead of getting their regular meal, the vendor told them they would not be getting any more until they paid a bill.

It was during a subsequent argument that the man made the meaty yet bizarre confession.

His confession was followed by a severe thrashing from the youngsters.

The man reportedly had to seek medical attention as he suffered a broken hand and leg, among other injuries.

Despite the possibility that the man was only trying to get at the youngsters with a false claim, the residents have expressed disgust at the situation and claim they believe the dog meat was prepared.

In an effort to prove this the news team heard that a group of residents went to the man’s home where they searched for evidence. They, however, found nothing.

“When we hear, a bag a wi go roun a him yard go look if wi could find nuh dead dog or dog parts but wi neva find nuttin still but wi believe same way cause him did a walk and a tell people seh him ago mess up all who did owe him money,” Samuel Billings, a resident of the community, told the news team.

The residents said the man had being having problem collecting from a number of people who had huge debts.

“By right still, probably di man did just frustrated cause dem always a bad up di man and a trust soup from him and den go round him or nuh worry pay him, a dat dem fi get,” another resident who gave his name as Pow Pow said before adding; “Me glad me never buy soup from him yet.”

Word of the incident has since reached the ears of the St Ann police while the health department from the parish promised to look into the matter.

“We have not yet received a formal report. Some arguments of that nature have reached us … . We heard he got quite a few injuries, too when he was beaten,” Corporal Wesley McIntosh of the St Ann police said.

The parish’s chief health inspector could not be reached for comment but a source promised to pass on the information.



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