58-Y-O Man Stabbs 22-Y-O Girlfriend to Death at Her Workplace in Ocho Rios

A 58-year-old vendor is now in the custody of the Ocho Rios police after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death at her workplace on Wednesday morning, June 29.

Police officers on the scene confirmed that the woman is Kyria Nelson, a 22-year-old employee of Torpedo Loan Financing company on Brown’s Plaza in the heart of Ocho Rios.

It is alleged that the vendor had been seen sharpening his knife from yesterday.

At sometime after 8 this morning, he awaited the young woman as she entered the loan company to carry out his plan.

The man then proceeded to slash her throat and he stabbed her several times.

When he completed his act, he left her in the building and proceeded to escape where he was apprehended by the Ocho Rios police some distance away from the plaza.

Head of the St Ann police, SSP Wayne Cameron explained that the woman was alive, when she was rushed to the hospital.

However, she later died. Scores of passers-by have gathered in Ocho Rios town centre and had lots to say in the manner of which she was killed.

Person were speculated that she may be cheating, others ask why would you be involved with a man almost trice your age. View Uncensored Photo (Optional) One woman was seen beside her holding her hand as the floor was covered with blood stain and her body gasping for air.

Business has been halted at the Brown’s Plaza as stores remain closed. The police are currently processing the scene.



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