Abducted Woman Jumps From Moving 'Red-Plate' Taxi in Portmore

The police in Portmore are probing a horrific incident in which a woman was forced to jump from a moving taxi after she was abducted by the driver.

The high drama occurred last Thursday near the Portmore Mall in St Catherine, where the woman had gone to seek lunch for her daughter. The Bridgeport police confirmed that a report was made and they are investigating.

"I took the taxi at the stop light in Naggo Head. There was a young man at the back so I went to the front. On the way to the mall, space was in the taxi for two more passengers, but the driver did not seek any. The guy came off at Passagefort and he didn't pay any fare," the woman told the news team.

"I paid my fare ($100) and told him I needed a stop at Burger King. He looked at me with a strange look. When I reached Burger King, I asked for my stop, he didn't. He passed where I wanted to get off and kept looking at me with the strange look. I asked a third time and he sped off looking at me. I jumped from the car and he continued to drive."

By this time a crowd had converged around her and she received assistance to get off the roadway as she was seriously injured.

"I passed out for a couple seconds and then I went to Burger King and begged for some ice. My forehead was swollen, I had blood all over me. I was injured in both knee, my shoulders and elbow. I received injury to my left arm and head top, the doctors say luckily I was wearing big plaits," she recalled.

She was admitted to the Spanish Town Hospital after she went there for treatment. After being released, she told persons, including other parents at her daughter's school, about the incident and this was when she realised that she may not have been the first or only victim.

"Some people told me that they heard of similar incidents involving the same station wagon with the single male passenger. It had red plate and the checkered strip on the side. I wasn't thinking about being run over by a passing vehicle when I jumped from the car. Now when I feel the pain, I realised how dangerous it was," she said.

According to an article from the jamaica-star, since being released from hospital, she has been returning for check-ups and reviews relating to the injury received.

She got two receipts after giving the police a statement. "One is to take with me to the doctor and the other was in case I see the car again I should write down the licence plate and return it to the police."

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