62-Y/O Man Butchered 16-Y/O Sister-in-Law; Unable to Eat so He Confessed

Jarrett pleaded guilty in the Trelawny Circuit Court on Wednesday and will be sentenced on July 15.

The elderly man convicted this week for killing a teenage girl admitted to police investigators that they were secretly having a sexual relationship while he was married to her sister, court documents have revealed.

Winston Jarrett, 62, indicated to investigators that he was “taking care of” the victim, 18-year-old Julanna Whyte, but said he was not pleased that she was involved with other men and kept lying to him about it.

Jarrett also detailed, in a caution statement and a question-and-answer session with detectives, how he confronted Whyte after trailing her in a taxi from St Ann to Duncan's in Trelawny on the night of January 24 last year.

The confessed killer disclosed that he took her to an area called Silver Sands and questioned her about their relationship before he felt “a vibe” come over him. That's when, according to the court documents, he admitted using a mini kitchen knife to stab her repeatedly before disposing of the weapon and left.

Whyte's body was found along the roadway in Duncan's with multiple stab wounds and the throat slashed. A post mortem report revealed that Whyte received 20 incised and stab wounds to the head, neck and torso. “Cause of death was multiple sharp force injuries,” the report said.

The following day, while Whyte's parents were trying to contact her, Jarrett told the teen's worried father, during a telephone conversation, that “it was possible that the deceased was with one of her men.” Three days after Whyte's death, Jarrett went to the Duncan's Police Station to confirm her identity to police investigators.

After a February 4, 2020 interview with his wife, police investigators decided to conduct a second interview with Jarrett.

During the interview, conducted at the Falmouth Police Station on February 18, 2020, the 62-year-old watchman confessed to the killing before baring his soul to detectives. “Mr [name redacted], me nah waste no time.

From me kill har me can't eat. Me no know what happen,” he told one detective at the Falmouth Police lock-up on February 20, 2020, even after he was reminded of the allegations and cautioned. “Mr [name redacted] it shouldn't happen,” he continued after he was formally charged with murder.

Jarrett pleaded guilty in the Trelawny Circuit Court on Wednesday and will be sentenced on July 15 by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, who presided over the case.

JARRETT who murdered teen had 15 prior convictions WINSTON Jarrett, the golden ager convicted for murdering his 18-year-old sister-in-law in a fit of jealousy in January last year, only to report her missing a day after he knifed her to death, actually led a life of crime from as far back as 1978. Court documents revealed that Jarrett had 15 previous convictions.

From the police antecedent report read into the records of the court, the St Ann man has in the past been charged with carnal abuse, forgery, shop breaking and larceny, housebreaking and larceny, indecent assault, uttering forged documents, obtaining money by false pretence, conspiracy, and unlawful wounding.



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