7-Y/O Girl Died; 'Mysterious' Scratch And Bruises; Struggling to Breathe

The father and stepmother of a seven-year-old girl, Tianna Russell, were taken into police custody on Monday following her mysterious death earlier that day in Linstead, St Catherine.

Young Russell, who lived with her father and stepmother in New Works, Linstead, was taken to the hospital about 1:30 a.m. by her father, who reported that he heard her struggling to breathe. The child has pronounced dead shortly after.

The police said that there were several marks on the child's body, which were suggestive of abuse.

Following a visit to the house, the adults were arrested. Another child who resides at the house is currently in the care of another adult relative.

Ian Edwards, Tianna's uncle, said he was en route to Jamaica from England when got word that his niece had died.

"My entire journey was shattered. I am still in disbelief. I was hoping I would get a chance to see her. Mi spend half a mi flight bawling to Jamaica. Mi pray fi di flight to reach Jamaica because mi a say is a joke because nutten couldn't guh suh.

Today (yesterday) is the first mi eat some food. Mi need justice to be served to the fullest. I don't want this matter to be swept under the carpet," he said.

He said that his niece was "lively, nice and very mannerable," but this changed after the death of her mother four years ago. "She was very reserved, she would be walking and it was like she in a daze," he said.

Edwards said a relative had expressed concerns about Tianna's physical condition, but they were told that her bruises and scars came from playing.



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