Father-Daughter Incest Life Sentence Reduced to 15 Years in Court of Appeal

A Clarendon man who was sentenced to life at hard labor for incest with his teen daughter, who ironically was the child of his stepdaughter whom he had impregnated years before, on Friday had his imprisonment at hard about in a new turn of events is the sentence reduced by the Court of Appeal to 15 years.

According to reports, Between March 1 and April 11, 2011, the man was arrested for allegedly sexually molesting his 11-year-old daughter.

He faced multiple charges the includes that of incest.

The court understood that the man had been molesting his daughter for some time and the matter only came to light after she went to the doctor complaining of pains in the abdomen.

An examination by doctors revealed that she had been molested.

All leads led to the father after a thorough investigation was done to the arrest made.



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