17-Y/O Battles For Life in Hospital After Beaten From 6 Other Women at Party

kaylan in hospital

17-year-old Kaylan Dowdy is still on life support after being brutally beaten by a gang of 6 women.
The incident occurred at a party on Barbican Road, St Andrew.
Eyewitnesses stated that the teen was confronted by a woman who accused her of staring at her.
An argument developed between the two which lead to Dowdy's friend Tiffany intervening in the conversation.
The female started to fight the friend and Dowdy tried to assist her but was attacked from behind with a Hennessy Bottle by another woman. Soon after it was a gang of 6 against the two.
kaylan d hospital
After receiving the first blow from the Hennessy bottle, Kaylan fell to the ground but was stomped on, kicked and hit repeatedly with the bottle afterwards to the point of unconsciousness.
Her friend also received some nasty wounds to the point of being unable to see because of the blood being in her eyes, but most of the focus and energy was on Kaylan.
*The party at Barbican Road was more like a fighting ring. The brother of Kaylan's friend was also fighting earlier at the same party and left.
*No patron at the party tried to assist the teen or tried to diffuse the situation.
A search is on the way to find a group of women who jumped the 17-year-old female who has been unconscious since Saturday.



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