19-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Drowned in Water Tank Running From Gunshots

An unfortunate turn of events leads to two persons losing their lives in Manchester.

It’s reported that 19-year-old Nardesha Smith, fell into a water tank and drowned in Settlement, near Royal Flat in Manchester last Friday September 18.

Smith was visiting her boyfriend in the community. She heard gunshots and was terrified. She had been seeking cover in bushes as gunmen struck, and tried to run to safety.

The 19-year-old's boyfriend broke down and cried as he explained what happened on the night of horror, when gunmen killed Aljay Green, 20, as panicked residents fled or hid.

“Mi hold her, but she flash mi off twice,” he recounted, claiming that the police who were on the scene ignored his distress and declined to help him find her.
“Dem carry mi guh down a station fi about three hours, so in that space of time mi coulda find mi babymother or anything could have happened. But the police dem wrong,” he said.



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