Questions Raised About 6 Men With Head-Shot Wounds in Clarendon

According to media reports, during the exercise, the military came under heavy gunfire from gunmen within the area.

The Military returned the gunfire, and six gunmen were found suffering from gunshot wounds after the exchange. This exchange of gunfire lasted for approximately an hour.

Three (3) high powered rifles were subsequently seized when the shooting subsided which included an AK 47 assault rifle, an M16 rifle and a shotgun along with several ammunitions.

The police were then summoned and the six victims seen in nearby bushes lying with gunshot wounds to their body areas.

However, two Military personnel had received minor injuries and the bodies of the six men taken to the May Pen hospital where they were all pronounced dead.

Points Raised: 

  • 6 man to 3 guns couldn't hold off the security forces for an hour there had to be more persons involved with many more guns.
  • Why is there no bloodstains on the weapons?
  • How come most of them if not all had headshots?
  • How so much man in one house?
  • Could they purposely shot/graze themselves to match the report?

Commentators did raise some valid points on what might have possibly happened and not what the 'controlled media' feeds them.

What are your thoughts?



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