Jamaica Most Wanted 'Precky Bwoy' Shot Dead This Morning?

The St James police have confirmed that Jamaica's most wanted man Delano 'Precky Bwoy' Wilmot, has been shot dead during an early morning gun battle with members of the security forces in Cambridge, St James.

The list is headed by Delano Wilmott who goes by the alias “Lano” and “Prekeh Bwoy”.

Wilmot, who is of Mother Lane, Retrieve, in Cambridge, St James, is wanted for the 2016 murder of Mark Williams in the community.

According to the police, Wilmot, was a key player in the notorious Ratty Gang and was involved in the shooting of two members of the Jamaica Defence Force in St James in 2017.

The Ratty Gang was led by Ryan Peterkin, who was cut down in a shootout with members of the security forces.

Before that, Wilmot reportedly severed ties with the Ratty Gang and formed his own Prekeh Gang, which has been said to be responsible for numerous crimes, including murders, in the Cambridge and surrounding area.

The criminal, who the police said is responsible for unleashing terror in St James, escaped a law enforcement dragnet last November, and has been in hiding still. Prekeh claims he is in hiding in Haiti. However, in the same video, the notorious gangster made comments that suggest that he may not be truthful about his whereabouts. For instance, Prekeh said that he is in possession of high calibre weapon, which he got from Haiti.

“The new thing weh me get in from Haiti enuh dawg, that thing deh, one shot bum up station and one shot bum up dem jump-out van or dem police car weh dem a drive. Suh just know when me roll in, a different thing,” he said.

“Me a teach Jamaica, government and police dem seh me a one a di worst wanted man dem a guh see,” the criminal said.

We await further details...



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