Under Age 15- Y-O Girl Found In Parking Lot With Next Door Neighbor

An inner city community had much to say following a fight that broke out between two neighbours, after police held one with the other's underage daughter in a parking lot last thursday.

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he 15-year-old grade-10 student attends a high school in the Kingston area.. 

Both the child and the accused man were taken to the Hunts Bay Police Station for processing.

Parents of the young girl went to the station to collect their daughter when it was revealed that the accused man was the next door neighbor.

Threats were send to the alleged perpetrator, who is believed to be in his late 20s.

All hell broke loose now!!!

"The father reach home first and wait pan di man weh dem catch wid him daughter fi get let out. As him reach him move to him and ask him weh him a do wid him daughter, if him nuh see she underage .. arguments start and di father afi box him ina him face and mek him know him afi lef bout ya," said a resident from the community, who requested anonymity.

Another female resident exaggerated, "Who ... dem ya man ya nuh want big woman again ... a skoolaz dem have nature for ... but anything ina darkness must come ina light ... some man fi do better."

The St Andrew South police confirmed reports that the man and the schoolgirl were removed from a car that was parked in a shopping area.

While no charges have been laid against the accused man, he is being investigated for statutory rape.



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