10 Y/O Found Dead Hanging From Swing Tangled by Rope in Her Yard

The death of 10-year-old Kacian Clarke, a student of Salt Spring Primary School student in St James, remains a mystery to relatives and other community members.

Kacian, who is said to have had developmental challenges, died by hanging after she reportedly slipped while on a swing at her home and got tangled in the rope.

Reports are that Kacian got up from bed on Friday morning, and immediately went swinging in a swing, which was tied to a tree, which is located behind her aunt's house in Hall Lane, Salt Spring. She was reportedly standing on the seat of the swing when she lost her balance.

Nyoka Clarke, the aunt who made the discovery, told the media that she is still in shock over her niece's death.

"Mi still caah believe seh shi really dead. Shi cum a mi doorway about 6:50 inna di morning, and after mi talk to har, mi si wen she walk straight fi the swing," the woman said."Mi sit dung inna mi room an mi a watch har a swing, but mi notice seh instead she sit dung, she stand up pon the board, and mi seh to miself seh, suppose she fall out an hurt herself.

"Mi tek mi time an walk outside wid di intention fi slap har, an tek a picture fi show had father how she inna di swing, but mi realise seh she set one funny way, an dat she naw move."

The child was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Kemil Clarke, the child's father, said she was a special child. "Although a four kids mi get,Kacian was just different. She was kind, loving and everything you could want inna a little girl," he said.

The police said that a post-mortem examination would be used to determine how the child died.



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