Woman Stuck on Twin-Island After Carnival; Barely Finding Food or Shelter

A trip for revelling and 'palancing' in Trinidad and Tobago turned into one of distress for a Jamaican mother as she is currently stuck in the twin-island republic due to the novel coronavirus that has been lashing the country, causing all ports to be closed.

Nadiesha Reid, who departed Jamaica for Trinidad in February, said she decided to stay a few weeks after Carnival ended as immigration authorities had given her the green light to remain in the country until April 2.

"I didn't know that the virus was this serious and would even reach Jamaican shores when I was leaving. I thought everything was going to run smooth like last year when I attended the event. I am barely surviving ... it is my cousin in the United States that sends me a little money for food whenever he can," she said.

Jamaica closed its borders to incoming passengers on March 24 as part of measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The air and sea ports remain closed to travellers as part of measures by the Government to contain the spread of COVID-19 locally.

Currently sharing living space with a friend, Reid said that she does not know how she will pay her half of the rent, which is due tomorrow, May 1.

In addition to the financial constraints, Reid said that her only wish is to return to her St Mary home to be reunited with her two-year-old daughter.

"She is staying with her father, but she misses me, and whenever I call, she is always crying. I really need to go home to my baby. If I had known I would be stuck here, I would never have left Jamaica. I never once intended to leave her this long, and especially in times like these, I need to be with her," she said.

"I really just need to go home to my child. Right now I can't leave the house or anything, and I can't sleep at nights because my baby is on my mind right through," she added.

Jamaica's Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that the Government is considering reopening the island's ports for the controlled re-entry of Jamaicans who have been stranded overseas.

There have been numerous calls by Jamaicans stranded at sea and overseas to be allowed to re-enter the island.




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