Landlord Stabbed Inna Neck After Dog Tore up Tenant's Shoes

A dispute between a tenant and his landlord ended with the landlord being stabbed to death and the tenant took into police custody.

The landlord's dog reportedly tore up the tenant's shoes in Lilliput, St James, leading to the dispute. Police identified the deceased as 44-year-old David Campbell, of Africa district in Lilliput.

Reports by the Barrett Town police are that about 9:30 p.m. last Saturday, an argument developed between Campbell and his 30-year-old tenant after he went to collect his rent. It is reported that the tenant presented a sum of money to his landlord for his rent, but Campbell refused it, saying that it was not the correct amount.

He was then told by the tenant that the rent money was short because he had to use a portion of it to replace his pair of shoes, which was allegedly torn up by the landlord's dog recently.

An argument developed and it escalated into a physical confrontation. The landlord allegedly attacked his tenant with a knife, but he received stab wounds to his body.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, Campbell was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, and the tenant taken into custody.

A community member states he knows both individuals and was aware of the dog biting up the tenant's shoes.

"People haffe know seh time hard and him caah expect him dog fi bite up the man shoes dem an it go jus like that without him pay back fi di shoes dem," the resident said.

The brand and value of the shoes, as well as the cost for the rent, was not available at press time last night.



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