Pastor Accused of 'Touching' Little-boy For Years While Church Kept Silent

"These men are all my batchmates while attending NCU if u can cover their faces plz, the guy circled, however, is the piece of shit that touched the little boy."

"I’m not trying to out anyone because as I said before a few of the guys that graduated my year are gays, and I don't care about what grown ppl do with their personal lives, but when you gone trouble little boys that’s a different story.

Every SDA pastor right now in Jamaica especially the young ones knows Anthony white, and knew about the situation a long time, from early last year and the church hasn’t made a statement since.

It’s sad that these are the same ppl that say they want to bring us closer to “God” when they won’t speak out against the wrong that’s going on.

Injustice and where is a threat against justice everywhere.

The police need it to contact that pedophile family. He’s from Troy Trewlany and ppl know where he is."

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