Woman Who Found Bags With Millions in ATM Suffer 'Blood Clot' Stress

When Ackaisha Green handed over a large sum of money that she found in an ATM in downtown Kingston last April, she was praised for her honesty.

One corporate giant even gave her more than $1 million as a reward. But less than a year later, she said that she has fallen on hard times

Green gained a place into the hearts of many Jamaicans after she turned over a large bag with $5,000 and $1,000 notes to the police.

She did this despite having no job or any source of income, and being burdened with many expenses, particularly relating to her two children's schooling.

But Green said that shortly after being rewarded, she was kicked in the head during a domestic dispute.

"Mi get a blood clot so it's like the doctors have to be taking dem time to 'melt' it. Mi end up spend a whole heap a money on CT scan and all a dem tings dere," she said.

The HEART Trust/NTA also promised assistance for Green to complete two levels of study at the Learning For Earning Activity Programme Centre.

But Green said that she failed the initial test and didn't pursue the courses. Plans to start a small business also fell through.

Added to that, Green said that a man told her that he opened a bank account for her, but she has been unable to access it or find him.

"I met him and he told me that he worked with a corporate company and he had opened an account for me, but he had put the banking information in his name instead.

He told me that he also opened a GoFundMe account for my kids. But mi can't find him or the account that him did set up," she said.

She said that she has reached out to the company, but she was told that he had switched branches. Despite her current situation, she said that she does not regret giving back the money.

"A whole heap a time people call mi 'eediat gyal' and a say how mi give away millions and now you broke and sick. A whole lot a people did come beg mi a ting and mi help dem out same way because mi is a kind person. Mi feel a way sometimes when dem cuss mi but mi still know say honesty is the best policy," she said.



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