Gunmen on Bicycle Shoots 1-Y-O Girl Waiting For Sunday Morning's Breakfast

A one-year-old baby girl who sat waiting for her breakfast early Sunday morning at her grandmother's home on West Street in downtown Kingston was hit by a stray bullet after gunmen attacked another resident.

The baby was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery. According to her mother, doctors told her that it's a 50-50 chance as to whether her baby will be able to walk.

According to reports, sometime after 7 a.m., two men riding bicycles approached 43-year-old Andon Robinson and shot him multiple times.

Robinson, who was a vendor on West Street, ran for his life. He crossed the road and approached the yard in which the baby was seated. The men continued to fire at him.

"The man get shot and the man dem run him dung go over the front of the yard," one resident said.

No one realized that she was shot at the time.

"It happens right here in the yard. I don't even know what went through my mind.

Me never know seh she get shot! Nobody knows. She was sitting in a chair in the yard a wait pon her tea," she said.

Robinson, who eventually collapsed in the yard, captivated everyone's attention. The grandmother says the baby's mother was the one who realized that the infant, who was still sitting in the chair, had been shot.

"Then she grab her and run out a road and start bawl seh the baby get shot," said the grandmother.

One neighbour who was on the scene says "Everybody traumatised ... right now me fraid, me nah tell no lie! Blood did deh all ova the baby pampers! The baby conscious and a bawl ... after a while, she just knock out."

According to the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), "the police were alerted and they (the gunshot victims) were taken to hospital where Robinson was pronounced dead and the little girl was admitted for treatment in a stable condition."

Hours later, a drive-by shooting took place within the community, sending residents and vendors scurrying to safety. Nobody was injured and police were quick to the scene.



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