'Soljie Was Defending His Wife And Property so Why Arrest Him?'

A police officer is now counting his blessings to be alive after he was shot and injured by a Jamaica Defence Force Corporal, who reportedly caught the cop having sex with his wife, in the matrimonial home at Greater Portmore, in St Catherine, on Wednesday night, February 19.

A typical Jamaican would want to know the full story and if not given, they will always have a story for themself.

So here lies an extract from a social media post.

Sojie Statement

On Day date time and place I turned up at my matrimonial home at the above-mentioned address,
I could hear the screaming sound coming from inside and I could distinctively hear my wife saying, " yuh ago push all a that inna mi"
I immediately became fearful that my wife was being attacked, I tactically opened the door and made my way towards the bedroom where my wife was being attacked, the sounds continue and I heard a male voice " mi ago kill u wid it.

I burst gently opened the room door and say a male shadow on the wall pushing a long object into my wife and she moan louder in pain, I look towards the bed and saw a man unknown to me standing over my wife and pulling a shining object from way up inside my wife, it appears to be a brand new sword machete cause it was shining in the dark, as the man was about to plunge the machete in my wife I fired one shot towards the man, I did this to save my wife's life, the man jumped through the window with the sword machete and made good his escape.

sociall media post soljie



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