Students And Principal in Fist-2-Fist Brawl Ends in Swelling And Black Eye

A bust-up at Homestead Primary School in St Catherine has left a student and the principal reportedly nursing injuries.

It is alleged that the student had to seek medical attention following the altercation for injuries including swelling to the face.

According to The Gleaner, the student and principal, Sophia Deer, came to blows after a dispute with a schoolmate boiled over.

The class teacher took both pupils to the principal’s office. While there, the students got into a brawl again.

The principal attempted to quell the squabble, according to a source, but was hit by one of the students. Deer, who is said to have sustained injuries, struck back at the child.

Ms Deer in an interview over the phone denied claims that she was the aggressor and that she physically assaulted the student.

“One thing I can tell you is that there are some very mischievous people around,” said Deer.

“The matter is in the hands of my attorney. I have a right, if I am attacked, to defend myself.”

Deer was a one-time assistant to former Energy, Science and Technology Minister Andrew Wheatley and director on the board of National Energy Solutions Limited.

The former constituency secretary to Wheatley also served on the board of the scandal-plagued Spectrum Management Authority.

The school is located in Wheatley’s St Catherine South Central constituency.

A police constable at the Spanish Town Police Station, where Deer said she reported the incident, confirmed to The Gleaner that the principal claimed to have been attacked.

However, another police source who requested anonymity also said the child was injured as a result of blows from the principal.

Deer have proceeded on to sick leave in compliance with her doctor’s recommendation.



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