Call Center Worker, 3-Months Pregnant Found Dead in Male Bathroom

This is a photo of my little cousin Donnia Johnson. She went to work at the Viking Productions LLC call center in Freeport, Mobay on Monday morning, January 20th, and never returned home.

Her mother and other family members started a search for her all Monday evening and throughout the night but no one including co-workers knew where she was. On Tuesday morning around 9 a.m we were told that she was found dead in a locked male bathroom.

Our family have lots of unanswered questions but can’t seem to get anyone to talk. Donnia was 3 months pregnant and according to another co-worker, she was complaining around 3pm of a stomach ache and Donnia allegedly told that co-worker that she was going to go to the bathroom.

We find it suspicious that no one noticed that Donnia’s purse was still on her desk and no one noticed that Donnia was gone for over an hour an a half before her scheduled work day was over.

This is a call center where a message is generated if she is not active after 2 minutes. How does a worker disappear from her desk and the supervisor doesn’t realize that she never clocked out until 9 am the next day- especially after her family is calling and asking about her whereabouts???

There are so many unanswered questions and we owe it to Donnia as her remaining relatives to find out what happened to her. We want to ensure that there was no foul play here and we want her boss to be held accountable for not doing his job.

They prevented the family and other concerned members of the public from accessing the property to search for Donnia and they neglected to search for her when she needed us the most.

We want to make this public so that they know that we the family will not stop until we get the truth and we will do what needs to be done to ensure that whatever happened to Donnia doesn’t happen to another call center worker



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