Crocodile Attacked Men Near Fort Clarence, Waves, Sugaman Beach

A night of fun turns to disaster when Nicardo and a friend went to Waves Beach in Portmore last Thursday night. The men were bitten sometime after 8 p.m, resulting in them being hospitalized for leg injuries.

Nicardo and his friend, a visitor from the United States ventured to the beach for relaxation. He spoke of his friend almost been pulled away by the reptile.

We were in the water when he felt something bit him, he quickly held on to me while he was being pulled away.

The retile then let off of his foot then grab hold on to mine in another attack, and this time, twisting his body as he grips my leg.

At first, i thought it was a shark but seeing this big black thing emerging from the deep with its long black tail, I realized it was a crocodile.

We had to fight for our lives.

"Its a big black, ugly crocodile ... I guess it could be green, but in di water, it looks black. I never expected a crocodile to attack me.

Nicardo said that he is currently admitted to the Spanish Town Hospital after suffering a broken toe and foot.

"I am in a lot of pain. They gave me a painkiller but I'm still in pain. I have a broken toe ... my foot is broken they (doctors) say.

So we waiting for the bone specialist. My friend needs to do an operation because a huge chunk of his leg was removed by the reptile.

Following the incident, he is imploring that others who frequent the area need to be cautious.

This is not the first time there, I've been there at night and day and I've never seen crocodiles.



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