My Sister And I Got Pregnant For The Same Man; One Died; One Taken Away

I am 21 years old coming from a home of five children. Even in her 40s, my mother will still be going out to parties.

My sister and I started to have sex when we were in our early teens. This is how we got money to maintain ourselves.

I have two brothers who got themselves into trouble.

All of us are of different fathers. People say my mother is a prostitute.

My mother used to drink and gamble a lot. She doesn't know her father. She would often sleep out and left us in the care of our grandmother.

My grandmother used to curse all the time. Many times she left us with grandma and did not give grandma any money to buy food for us.


My sister and I got pregnant for the same man. My baby died and the man took the baby from my sister and gave him to his sister and her husband.

We did not know that this man was having sex with the two of us until after we got pregnant.

I am currently working inside a store.


It was at that same-store I met my boyfriend who I secretly shared my story with. Immediately he suggests that I start attending church.

My laundry is 'ranchy', so every week I would save a little money and try to buy clothes that I can wear to church.

I told the pastor that I would like to be baptized.

He said that I should keep coming to the church first, then he would baptize me when he sees that I am serious about serving God.

I am very serious.


He asked me about my boyfriend and I told him that we have not had sex as yet, and we don't intend to do so until we are married.

He said that is good.

Do you think that we are too young to get married?



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