Doctor Nursing Chop Wounds After Mentally Ill Man Severed Arm

A Linstead doctor is nursing severe chop wounds to his left hand, after he was attacked by a man who is allegedly of unsound man.

The incident occurred last Monday morning at the doctor’s King Street office in the busy St Catherine town.

It is reported that there was a disagreement between the doctor and the man, who reportedly left the building and returned with a machete which he used to chop the doctor.

A police source said that the doctor’s hand was nearly severed. Unconfirmed reports are that the doctor may have lost some fingers. The man then ran from the premises and has not been seen since. The Linstead police are searching for him.

When the police station was contacted, personnel acknowledged that the incident had taken place and that a probe is under way.

However, it was not revealed who was investigating the matter or if a formal report was recorded in the diary at the station.

“I can say for certain that a major incident of that nature against a medical doctor is being investigated. I do not know how far the investigation reached but the police is seeking to get the person who carried out the act,” a senior lawman said.

It is unclear where or if the doctor went for medical attention. Herbert Garriques, councillor for the Linstead Division, said that he has been trying to find the doctor, who has been operating in the town for more than 10 years.

He said that from what he heard of the incident, some fear that the doctor may lose his hand. Garriques told that he was worried for the doctor’s ability to continue his practice.

Meanwhile, concerns were expressed that despite the fact that there are many persons in the area who suffer from mental illness, there is no police personnel trained to assist in their apprehension whenever there is a problem.



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