Woman Shield 6-Month-Old Head As Bullets Ripped Single Bedroom House

A mother of three said she was in total shock when she realised that bullets were flying over her and her six-month-old baby's heads while they slept in their home in Maxfield, St Andrew, yesterday.

The woman, whose name is not disclosed told that after the shooting subsided, she realised that her child's father was hit multiple times.

He was transported to hospital and admitted.

"Mi not even did know that he was in the house because he came here this morning (yesterday) and then left.

He must have come to get some rest because he works the night shift and he was supposed to go to work tonight (last night)," she said.

The woman was awakened by the sound of her baby's voice.

"It is a one bedroom wi have and the bed that I was on was beside the window, and him on the other bed at the other end of the room.

So a when mi baby bawl out an mi jump up now mi see the hand through the window and mi hear the gunshots.

Mi just slide off the bed and draw the sheet with the baby and we go under the bed," she said.

On multiple occasions, she has warned her child's father to leave the community because of an ongoing gang war. But he insisted that he was safe as he was not involved in it.

She said that yesterday morning when she returned home from work, she retired to bed with her baby because she was tired.

"The door was open so him must come in and close the door and a watch TV until him fall asleep

Mi tell him not to come and sleep here because we in the middle (of the war); the man dem pan either side seh any man dem catch, dem a go kill," she said.

The news team gathered that the victim was sprayed with bullets as he slept minutes after 1 p.m. yesterday.

"He got three shots, one in his neck, one in his abdomen and one in his hand," she said.

"Mi nuh think him know seh him get shot," she said.

Up to press time, there was no update on the victim's condition.



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