Woman’s House Set Ablaze While At Son’s Funeral; A What Him Duh SuH?

Last Sunday, Joan 'Lisa' Mills buried her 28-year-old son, Richard 'Junior' Jackson, who was shot and killed in February.

Mills, along with family and friends, was getting ready to leave the Dovecot Memorial Gardens in St Catherine, at approximately 3 p.m., when she received a call that her house was on fire.

"We reach ova Dovecot. Wi put him down and everything, dung inna di hole, cover up the hole. And everybody a saddle up fi guh inna di bus now. But mi stand up ova him grave a talk to mi son, den mi hear somebody seh: 'Lisa, yuh house deh pan fire'," she said.

Mills said that by the time she got to her home of 49 years in Woodford Park, on Anderson Road in Kingston, it was completely engulfed in fire. She had lost everything.

"A di fastest mi reach ya, but by dat time, di two house get burn down," she said."Mi kids dem nuh live no weh, mi nuh save nothing. All mi save a some dirty clothes weh did deh round di side."

Mills said a total of 26 persons including eight children have been displaced because of the fire.

She insists that she knows the perpetrators, who she said waited until everyone had gone to her son's funeral to set her house on fire


Coupled with the loss of her son less than two months ago, Mills said the loss of her house has left her very distressed.

"It a drive mi crazy. It come in like mi lose a screw inna mi head, like mi all a get mad. Mi all a talk to all mi self. Dem lick mi, dem lick mi without warning. Mi just a left dem to God. Mi nuh know weh more fi do," she said.

Inspector Steven Taylor from the Cross Roads Police Station told the NEWSTEAM that investigations are still ongoing.

But he said that the fire could be a result of an ongoing feud between two familiies on Anderson Road.

In the meantime, he said the police have also been providing counselling to the family, and has reached out to different NGOs to see how best they can assist the family.



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