Fake Cops 'Cleaned Out' Return Resident's Home in Hellshire; TWICE!!

It was her deceased parents' wish for her to return to Jamaica. But, after being robbed twice at her home in Hellshire, St Catherine in less than a week, she's having second thoughts.

The woman and her husband, who returned to Jamaica three years ago after living in the United States for over 40 years, were visiting relatives in Florida when a neighbour who went to water their plants informed them of the break-in at their house on Monday.

The couple, who had planned to travel from Florida to New York, cancelled that trip and returned to Jamaica on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, she reported the matter at the Hellshire Police Station.


The senior citizen stated that when she was summoned to her door by men dressed in police uniform Wednesday night, she thought they had come to take additional statements.

“About little after 8:00, I heard my name called three times and I called my husband and said there is someone calling. My husband opened the door there were three men  two very tall  dressed like police officers in full blue. I got up and went to the door because they didn't identify themselves.

They didn't say where they are from and I had already spoken to a detective yesterday (Wednesday) about the break-in. They ignored me and I insisted on asking where they're from and they said Portmore,” the woman related.

“I said this is Hellshire, and Hellshire cops came, crime unit came Monday and I spoke to the detective yesterday. In fact, he left here at five o'clock so I don't understand.


“At that point I got uncomfortable and I backed in. As soon as I backed in the three men rushed my husband. He was right before me and they pushed him up to me, then pushed us into the bedroom.”

She said the men ordered them to lie face down and not to look. “I heard footsteps running in, bap, bap, bap. They had big guns and they put a cushion over my husband's head and put the gun at the back of his head. I started praying aloud. They told me 'Shut up, shut up',” she related.

Insisting that she felt as if she was being targeted, the woman said she was terrified.


According to the woman, $17 million worth of jewellery, receipts for some of the jewellery, US$5,500, bank statements, among other things were stolen between Sunday and Wednesday night.

“The seven million estimate of jewellery was taken Sunday night. They emptied a draw, everything  watches, rings, jewellery sets  then they came back for the other bag that I had secured,” she said.

“They have cleaned me out; only God knows what's next. They took toiletries, my wigs, make-up, alcohol, Champagne,” she said.

The St Catherine South police are investigating.



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