Couple Needs Help Financing 'Stolen Baby'; Refuses to Give up Recovered Child

The St James couple whose baby was stolen from the Cornwall Regional Hospital in early January say that they do not intend on giving up their child for adoption.

Walton Evans, 41, and his common law wife 34-year-old Latoya White mentioned on Monday that they simply want some help to feed the child after the exhaustive search to find her depleted their finances.

The common law couple’s nine-month-old daughter Vernesha Evans was stolen from the Cornwall Regional Hospital in January.

But the child was returned after cops found her in Norwood, and arrested and charged 26-year-old Melissa Harriott, a St James bartender, with stealing her.

However, the case of baby Vernesha caught the attention of the public again several days ago when news broke in an article that the parents were pleading for help.

Persons have since been implying that maybe the child should have been left with Harriott.

“Mi know wah people a seh, but we naw give up wi baby. We keep wi baby clean an safe, an right now the only problem wi have is tru wi run short a little food,” said Evans. “Wi did have little money, but all a it drain out because wi did have fi up an dung a search fi the baby.”

Both parents stated that Evans has just returned to work as a street cleaner, and his next salary would come at month end.

According to them, their daughter, who weighs close to 35 pounds, now drinks formula, and sometimes it is very straining for them to find the cash to feed themselves and her.

Evans stated that he now wants to clear the air that an article which was published recently highlighting their plight, was not about them not being able to take care of their child, because they have being doing so to the best of their ability.

They said they are simply seeking assistance from the public to purchase food and clothing until he is back on his feet.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the family or the child’s well being are asked to contact them at 876- 586-8977 or 876-497-2479



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