Mother Ready to Give Own Eyes to Baby Just So He Could See Her Face

Kerrian Ellis, mother of 15-month-old Aaiden Ervin, said she is trying to seek urgent medical assistance for her son but lacks the financial means necessary to get the process started. 

The baby, who was born prematurely in November 2017 weighing only two pounds, suffers from a series of medical conditions, including being blind in both eyes, loss of hearing in one ear, a hole in his heart, and a shifted lung. 

"I love my son, and I fighting with everything inside me asking for help. My baby can only detect light, shadows and bright colours, and if one of my eyes can be used to give him a chance to see. I don't know if I could donate one of my eyes. 'cause I would love to do so," Ellis said. 

Aaiden was born at 29 weeks old at the Mandeville Regional Hospital and was admitted for approximately three months at the medical facility. 

"He was then discharged, along with referrals to get eye and ear tests done as none of these tests were conducted while he was under the hospital's care. I took him to the University Hospital of the West Indies after, and the tests were done. He was admitted for emergency eye surgery because it was detected that he had severe bleeding to the front and back of both eyes and both retinas were detached," she said.

Ellis told said that after her son underwent an operation to freeze the damaged blood cells in his eyes, she was told that the hospital didn't have the equipment to repair the retinas, so she would have to seek medical help overseas. 

"I am watching helplessly as my son battles a string of ailments and is now completely blind, and it pains my heart that I can't do anything about it. There is nothing that can be done for him medically in Jamaica, and I have been trying for months to get him overseas, but I can't.

I have walked the streets and begged, I have written to every politician that I can think of, and I have put all my pride aside and I'm begging. He is my only child, and his father walked away after his diagnosis, but I can't give up on my baby.

I want him to have a bright future, hence the reason I am willing to give him one of my eyes if possible," she said.

Ellis said she is unable to give the exact medical cost of Aaiden's operations as she is yet to meet with an overseas specialist. 

"The thing is, I know it is a lot of money, but I will live with all the other damages. I know his eyes are the windows to the world, that is why I really want him to see. He has never seen my face, and that hurts. The hole in his heart is still not closed.

Please, somebody just help me to give my son a chance in life to see. I am a desperate mother," she pleaded.

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A GoFundMe account has been created for Aaiden, and persons can also contact his mother at 876-828-2779.



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