Gangs in Clarendon Praise INDECOM in Life Sentencing of Most Feared Cop

42 years-old former Police Constable, Collis 'Chucky' Brown, was the most feared lawmen in Clarendon during his reign but now he's behind bars trying to spend 51yrs in prison.

While some Clarendonians are saddened and feeling hopeless, some including the gunmen are rejoicing and commending INDECOM and the Jamaican Justice System for sentencing Brown....

Those who are saddened and feeling hopeless claims that Brown made their neighborhood safe and since he's gone it's total chaos again.

Some of those who are rejoicing claims that justice has prevailed and believes that Brown is nothing but a murderer or is rejoicing because they no longer have to fear "the death squad" whose motive was to gun down criminals on sight.


Clarendon is currently one of the most active Parishes in Jamaica where crime and violence is floats.

This week records 4 murders within 24hours:

• On Wednesday, 57 years-old Astley James of Farm district, was shot dead by unknown assailants in his community.

•On Thursday, within the 24hrs, 39-years-old peanut vendor Alvin Russell of Evans Avenue in Effortville, Clarendon, was shot dead by unknown assailants, also in his community.

• Hour later after the murder of the peanut vender, there was a double murder. 25-years-old Amanda McNally of Penguin Key, May Pen, Clarendon and an unidentified male believed to be in his 30s were shot and Killed along Mineral Heights Boulevard.



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