Prostitutes Using Tomb Stones at Church's Graveyard As Resort Hotel

Holiday shoppers and vendors on Monday December 31, recieved a shocker for New Year’s Eve after witnessing a female prostitute along with a male customer, in a compromising position on an ancient grave located in a graveyard at the St James Parish Church. in Montego Bay

The female vendor went on to say that “them worthless woman yah did a use the grave them as bed from long time ago, until the church people them fence off the place, but them cut hole Inna the fence and still a use the place as lodging“.

Several eyewitnesses confirmed that even with the watchful eyes of the public, the prostitute and her paying customer, ignored the shouts and laughter and proceeded as if there were in a resort hotel.

“mi boss even when we a throw stones over the graveyard, the people them still don’t move an inch“, stated a female vendor who sells in the vicinity, “when mi see people a point and a look over the graveyard, at first mi did think a two people did a fight, but when mi look mi see that is a man and a woman a do them thing“.

A huge hole could be observed in the fencing of the church property.

We also spoke to a number of men who were seen in the vicinity where we were told that the church property was off limits to the public for quite a while now, but lately persons have cut a large hole in the fence and prostitutes have now returned to their old ways and are using the tombs as beds.

One person who didn't give his name mentioned of one particular prostitute that goes by the name (Pepper), whois often seen squeezing her way through the hole in the fence, onto the church graveyard, where she performs various acts on several of her male customers.



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