13-Y-O Gang-raped by Schoolboys; Now Pregnant With an Infection

The mother of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly gang raped by five schoolboys is now frustrated because she is not getting the justice she seeks.

The mother who wishes to remain anonymous said in June of this year she had realised that her usually vibrant daughter has become very reserved.

After a month she realised that her daughter had missed her period. She became suspicious and took her to the doctor for a check-up.

"I am the one who usually washes her underwear. I noticed that there was a white discharge in the seat. I didn't ask her about it but in the first week of July, I brought her to the hospital and that was when the doctor told me that she was pregnant and had a possible infection".

"I was manhandled by the nurses at the hospital, who thought I knew about my daughter's pregnancy.

"The Hospital staff contacted the police and later the CDA where the matter was reported but from then nothing has been happening. They took her in and questioned her then told her to go to counselling and that is when she opened up and started talking"

My daughter explained that she was forced to a house by one of her schoolmates and then five boys took turns on her.

The broken mother said that she is not sure what to do because she is left with the burden of trying to nurture her daughter, who is having a hard time, and her other children.

"I had to move her from the community because people are ridiculing her and judging her and she cannot handle it. She and her siblings are fighting all the time and my pressure is so high."

No one is offering help me and my children. I have lost faith in the justice system because my daughter has to live with this every day and the person/s responsible are walking free.

"I tried talking to the police since week but every time I call to find out what is happening, they are saying they can't talk to me and the person who can is not in office.

I am tired because I'm single mother and I have to work to ensure that they go to school and get a good education."

Source: The Star



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