Homeless-Man Skimming Garbage Bin For Food Found Dead Baby

Vendors and passers-by gathered along King Street in downtown Kingston beside the parish church as news spread that a newborn was found in a garbage bin.

When the news team arrived, police had cordoned off the area where the baby was lying.

One vendor stated that a man was rummaging through the bin in search of food when he found a bag that he thought was full with goodies.

"Him deh deh a search and mi just hear when him seh: 'Watch yah' and while him a shake out the bag, mi see the baby drop out," the vendor said.

Another person told the news team that the man then made his way into the Wendy's fast food restaurant across the street where some policemen were and informed them of what he had just seen.

"Mi go ova deh fi pee and mi hear when him bawl out. By time mi fi go look a the police that me see. The woman weh do this a wicked. If you see how the baby brown and pretty. Look how long me want a baby and nah get none," she said.

Persons expressed shock and disappointment at what the mother had done.

"Any weh she deh lightening fi strike har. She too wicked. Look how rain a fall and she really come and do this?" a passer-by said.

Another indicated that this woman could have left the child at the hospital if she had no intention of caring for it.

"If she never want it, she coulda leave it at the hospital, enuh, and don't get pregnant at all. It even look like she just have baby because the afterbirth and everything inna the bag," another said.

The police removed the body.



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