Janitors Sprung Into Action After Lawyer Crapped Herself to Fraud Charges

There was a messy situation at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday after embattled attorney Jennifer Messado defecated on herself as she made her way to the courtroom to answer fraud charges.

Information reaching our news team is that the courthouse staff, including janitors and other court officers, had to spring into action to clean the place and maintain calm as other persons were reportedly inconvenienced.

A police officer mentioned"Yes man, the entire courthouse knew what happened. The entire staircase was a mess from top to bottom. People had to be sidestepping and hopping over filth. It was embarrassing, the janitors had to be called in ... it was the talk around here all day."

When THE STAR contacted Messado's attorney, Christopher Townsend, he confirmed that his client had an unfortunate moment due to an illness and ongoing court issues.

Townsend said: "You have to remember in all of this that she is still a near 70-odd-year-old woman undergoing quite a bit of stress. She is not well. That was made clear at the first bail application, and her health has deteriorated as a result of this matter."

In relation to her deteriorating health condition, Townsend said: "It's not something that just happened, it is something that was coming."

"She is ill, as you get on in age, you know. You are set back by illnesses and sometimes bodily functions do not work the way how they used to when you were younger. So, unfortunately, for her under the stress, things gave way. It is the truth, the entire courthouse saw it."

When asked if the incident occurred before or after her matter was heard in court, the attorney said: "It was before, during and after".

"They were kind enough to have her remain where she was and have the matter dealt with quickly, so that she could go out and make her way home to clean up herself. There was some degree of compassion there for which I must commend the learnt parish judge," he said.

Messado is scheduled to return to the court next Tuesday.



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