Pastor Clears Air, Gave 3 Reasons Why 'Jawbone' Would Kill His Daughter

Pastor Amos Campbell is not only trying to cope with the loss of his only daughter but has to deal with the negative thoughts and comment arising from his daughter's death stemming from persons who are ahead of the facts. In his Facebook post, he clearly dismissed all claims and have cleared the air on what really transpired.


Goodafternoon ''Facebookers''. It has come to my attention that everybody has comment/s in relation to the brutal murder of my daughter by a Seventh Day Adventist cult from the Mandeville Seventh Day Adventist Church. PLEASE if you don't know the facts it is alright to be silent.

1. To date, I have not seen the body of my daughter. The police will call me when they are ready for the autopsy.

2. Avoid making a comparison with my daughter and other women who were murdered because they were school by heartless men who invested in them. When my daughter was at NCU every cent came from the family.

3. Stop thinking that my daughter had an intimate relationship with this pathetic murderer.

A friend invited my daughter to the SDA church in Mandeville where she could have seen him. Maybe he started stalking her from there, on. Any young person could have been deceived thinking that this old man could be a mentor and ended up at his house.

That is why I blame the Mandeville Seventh Day Adventist Church for her brutal death. If he is a deacon then he could be a mentor. LOOK! This is a high post. The former minister of education was referred to as a deacon.

The next thing is that it is said that this man operates a taxi. He could have trusted him to take her home and he detoured. Kim was little and defenseless. This SDA deacon was taking care of someone's house and could have told my daughter that he has a place to rent. He would put faith in him because he is an old man!

4. Why can't we brainstorm why this could have happened? No one knows how Kim got to his house. By the way, they were not living together as far as I know.

Kim was living around Lane while this man was taking care of a house closer to Bloomfield and living there (pass Mega Mart coming out of Mandeville proper). Although my daughter was not living with us, don't ever believe we were not tracking her. This was our only daughter.

5. Why did the murderer kill her? We could brainstorm again! This is more of why did she have to die? This man did not spend any money on her. He has been out on parole ONLY 2 years. He has NOTHING!.

He could not have invested in her. I believe that he killed her for one of three reasons:

  1. His girlfriend just gave him back a ring and broke an engagement. Therefore he was a very angry man. If you know psychology, this man felt the spirit of rejection which could make him feel hopeless.
  2. The police were looking for him because he almost killed his girlfriend (not my daughter). What if my daughter was a witness to the threat on his girlfriend's life?
  3. It seems to me that she had to die. In other words, he could not afford to make her live because he had to bury some evidence.

I don't know if he raped her. I guess the autopsy will show. He has a huge post at the big Mandeville SDA church so he could feel that he had to bury any evidence that may arise. Then again that igloo was not an ice igloo. He was not a fisherman either. So it has to be a portable coffin.

Everyone, please listen and take this seriously; he can only kill Kim once he can't kill her again. So someone else could end up in "his igloo". People instead of making negative comments without proper brainstorming let's pray and warn our children, both male and female.

Another concern I have is that the enemies said it took me long to identify my daughter. This is not true. In fact, how would I know it was my daughter from Tuesday or immediately it was reported? The death was reported the Tuesday.

I could not hear from my daughter up until Wednesday so I went to the police station on Thursday. I described my daughter and they said most likely it was my daughter who was murdered. They asked that I return the following day which was the Friday.

It was not a matter mission her from Tuesday and waited until Friday to identify her because she was not living with us.




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