Woman's Body Found in Igloo Identified as Pastor's Daughter; 'Jawbone' Wanted

The body of the female that was found inside the Toyota Starlet with her throat slashed was yesterday identified as 25 year-old Khymm Campbell, daughter of Pastor Amos Campbell from the True Vine True Holiness Ministries (Winston Jones Highway Manchester)

59 year-old deacon Linton Stephenson o/c Gary Stephenson aka Jawbone is currently a person of interested in this murder as police found what appeared to be blood on his face basin, bathtub and knife at his home. He is also wanted for assault and illegal possession of firearm.

Jawbone was sentenced to 15yrs hard labour for murdering his wife back then. Its reported that he had a domestic dispute with his wife , left and returned with a machete which he used to chop her several times.

He also removed her eyes, intestines and vagina but was later found unfit to be tried in court . Stephenson later pleaded guilty and had his sentence reduced to 15yrs. He did his time and returned where he started to work as a wrecker driver and taxi operator.

A deep mystery stands behind the fact that the pastor, (Khymm's father) might know about her death based on the fact that he took so long to identify her even after seeing that the deacon became a person of interest .

There are ongoing questions on grounds that her father was notified on Tuesday of the incident but she was identified on Friday.

This story was obtained from an inside source and details surrounding the incident might not be an exact match with investigated reports.



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