Jungle Justice: Mob Attacked 'Bull' While He Slept; Chopping Him to Pieces

Mob justice was swift and bloody for Orville 'Bull' Scarlett of Watt Town in St Ann who was chopped to death by angry residents of his community on Friday morning.

Detectives assigned to the St Ann Police Division are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death.

Scarlett was named as a person of interest in Tuesday night's murder of his common law wife and the woman’s child in Linton Park, St Ann. An appeal was issued for him to turn himself over to the police.

Reports from the Watt Town Police are that about 1:45 am, Scarlett was attacked by residents who chopped him several times. The police were summoned and he was seen lying in the back of a yard with chop wounds all over his body.

He was taken to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police are working assiduously to bring closure to this matter.

Scarlett had reportedly fled the scene after allegedly slaughtering 32-year-old Alesha Francis, alias ‘Alecia’, and her son, Teco Jackson.

It is reported that Francis had ended her relationship with Scarlett over a year ago.

However, he had vowed to take revenge on the woman for her decision.

Police reports are that on Tuesday at about 10:00 pm, Francis and her three children were walking home when they were pounced upon by a man.

Crime scene

The man, who is believed to have been Scarlett, attacked and chopped Francis before turning the machete he wielded on her children.

The injured persons were assisted to a hospital, where Francis and Teco were pronounced dead.

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