Man Commit Murder; Chopped Several Persons Hours After Being Baptized

A Christian man who allegedly chopped a male to death mere hours after he was 'born again' is now in police custody following a series of machete attacks, which left several persons nursing injuries in Glengoffe, St Catherine.

According to THE STAR, one man is dead and two others, including the former girlfriend, are said to be nursing injuries.

The dead man has been identified as 32-year-old Marlon Robinson, labourer of a Glengoffe district address.

Reports from the police are that he was chopped to death at his home by a man at about 11:30 p.m. on Sunday.

A series of events involving the accused the day before may have triggered Sunday's deadly attack.

According to residents, the accused began showing weird behaviour after his girlfriend got baptised in May and ended their relationship.

He was allegedly told to move on with his life, however, residents claim that the accused man said that he could not live without her.

"Saturday night he attacks his stepmother and holding a cutlass at her neck. Him tell him father and stepmother say dem a work obeah and use him as a sacrifice. The father step in, and police come and bring dem go station and talk to dem. The son tell police nuh fi let him out cause him fear people inna di district a go kill him," one resident said.

After being released by the police, the resident said: "Him (accused) walk up and down till daylight."

After going to church on Sunday, and getting baptised that same day, the attacks on residents started again where this time persons had to defend themselves by grouping into a mob.

During the mayhem, the accused broke free and ran to the home of his ex-lover, where he attacked his former sister-in-law and Robinson, with whom she shares a child.

"Him reach deh and kick off the door and start attack dem, and di sister-in-law run out leave dem in there. Him chop up the man and come out leave him. All this time nobody knew he (Robinson) was dead."

"When him come out the house, the people dem start beat him, and is like the more beating him get, the stronger he was. All when him a get the beating, him start tell the people dem fi crown him king because they couldn't overpower him," the resident said.

Our news team was told that after checks were made, Robinson was found dead, slumped over a bathtub containing water.

The police were later summoned and the accused taken into custody.

Two persons, including the former lover of the accused, who was bitten, stabbed and chopped by the accused, remain hospitalized in stable condition.

The Glengoffe police are investigating.

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