Mobile App Snap Photos of Thief Downtown, Sends Email to Woman

The police have placed a dent in the operations of a group of individuals who have been operating in downtown Kingston, following the arrest and conviction of a man who authorities say has been a key member of an underground network of criminals who have been terrorising vendors in the busy commercial hub.

According to reports, a man was arrested days ago after a woman who had fallen victim to a robbery in Downtown Kingston.

The man, who is identified as Oshane Colley, a 19-year-old resident of a Kingston address, was taken before the court last week following his arrest and slapped with a nine-month prison sentence for larceny.

Reports are that earlier in July, the female fell victim to him while walking in downtown Kingston when she was held up and robbed of her cell phone and other items by the main culprit.

After retiring to a safe location and was using the device which was unknown to him, the phone had many security features one of which involved it taking the 'selfie' photograph of any unauthorised use and sending the picture in an email to the registered owner of the account assigned.

The woman went home after the robbery and while checking her email, saw several file photos of the culprit flooding her inbox.

The woman brought the matter to her neighbour who gave her the name of a police sergeant in downtown Kingston.

Once the woman made contact with the cop and showed him the photo of the man, all reportedly fell in place for the downfall of the culprit.

The well-known and trusted police sergeant immediately recognised the man in the photo, and with his team members, was able to track down the individual at to his home.

“When I reported the matter to him the officer, immediately he said he knew the attacker and was able to track him down to his home, and the phone was recovered,” said the woman in court.

The court was also told that the attacker was a repeat offender who had just months earlier spent time behind bars for a similar crime.



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