Brothers Chopped Each Other At Own Brother's Funeral Over Food

Well-wishers at a funeral yesterday in Clarendon was on the brink of planning another such event in a very short notice time because of a dispute which took place between two of the deceased's brothers.

One of the brothers said that when the food was being served, things got heated between him and his other brother.

"From him come from foreign him a act like him wah run everything, and a nuh so it go. All me did wah do, a put in my two cents and help out the process, but no, a him fi have the last say," said the agitated brother.

He mentioned that he was the one in charge of serving the food after the funeral and his (foreign) brother did not like that.

Their sister said that her (foreign) brother attacked the other because the food that was being served finished and his friends were not able to get any.

"From before the funeral dem at odds, but we beg them fi be at peace because we a mourn we brother. Mi frighten funeral day when they both got in big, big argument and a over food," she said.

"One piece a commotion dem create because the (foreign) brother feel like seh a spite the other brother dweet fah. Mi just hear when the (foreign) brother say the other brother never want dem get food and that's why him mek it done and all a that. Mi and me third brother did deh a try calm dem down, but they wouldn't listen to us," She said.

The dispute got to the point where machetes were drawn, and both men ended up injuring each other on spot.

One brother received treatment and was released from the hospital, but the (foreign) brother had to be admitted.

The sister mentioned that one brother received injuries to his arm, while the (foreign) brother got a chop on his shoulder.

"To how it happen fast, mi not even did know what to do. Dem go fi machete and thing and out inna the yard a talk bout who a go chop who. All we a bawl out to them, dem nah listen.

A wi same one haffi blaze wid dem go a hospital. Me a bawl and a cuss because look how dem almost kill off dem one another ova foolishness, after we just bury one a wi own," the sister said crying.

Regretting his actions, One brother said that he did not intend to hurt his (foreign) brother. He said that he visited him after the incident and apologised for what transpired between them. He also said that he wants his brother to recover as soon as possible so they can mend the family.



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