Mortician Claim Dead Bodies Gives Luck; Little Girl Follow Him Home

A mortician with more than 20 years of experience has revealed that he enjoys dressing dead people because he gets extremely lucky afterwards, especially when he works in places like St James and Manchester.

According to an article from THE STAR, Joe Clarke* has been working in morgues since he was 14 years old, and he has lost count of the hundreds of dead people, including popular figures such as entertainer Bogle and reputed gangster Bulby, whose bodies he has fixed for burial.


"Whenever I go in Montego Bay for work, that is when my luck triggers. I can recall preparing an old woman and something like a shadow appear before me and gave me some numbers. On my break I went to a lottery outlet, purchased the same numbers and won" said Clarke, who freelances with several established funeral homes.

On one occasion, Clarke said he won J$20,000 in Cash Pot after dressing a tall male.

"I told one of my co-worker who works with me to buy a number, 31, and we both won. The man that we were preparing was extra long in his casket, and we had to bend one of his foot. The number 31 in the game represents anything that is long or tall." he explain.


Clarke explained that he dropped out of school when he was 14 years old to become a mortician. However, he said that it hasn't always been fun and games.

"When I was living in Fletcher's Land, Montego bay, I was haunted by several ghosts. I recalled preparing a little girl from Jungle, who died from a gunshot wound, and before I reach my home that night, she was there with me.

I had the strangest feeling that I should not go inside the house just yet. A friend of mine shouted at me saying: 'Hey hook me up with that girl'. At first i thought he was joking but when he started to describe the girl to me i was shocked that it was the same girl's body I was preparing at work" he said.


"I enjoy my job, nuh matter the condition of the body I can put it back together. If I can't rebuild it, then no one else can. I see no other job in this world as sweet as mine. It has brought me a lot of luck. If I never enjoy doing it, I wouldn't be doing it until now."




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