Girlfriend Dismissed 'FAT LIE' on Boyfriend Who Had Drank Gramoxone

The relatives of Ricardo ‘Gravey’ Gray, who died in Falmouth, Trelawny, after consuming a liter of gramoxone, are denying rumors that he drank the poisonous liquid because of embarrassing personal issues.

Gray’s girlfriend, Christine ‘Pinky’ Brown, said she was shocked that he killed himself.

“He had not shown any suicidal intentions, but was acting strangely in recent times and constantly remarked that somebody out to kill him,” said Brown, who has been in a relationship with him for seven years.

"Nothing like that. That is far, far from the truth," she said when asked about allegations making the rounds.

“When he left here Saturday, he did not show any signs that he was going to drink gramoxone,” she said.

In one of two videos that have been getting much attention on social media, Gray, 37,  is seen rolling around on the ground in Falmouth, vomiting a dark-colored substance.

An eyewitness states that Gray "came into the store, ordered a liter of gramoxone, paid for it, opened the bottle and started drinking”.

“He then fell to the ground right there in the shop and started vomiting blood. We put him on the outside while other people went to get a car to take him to the hospital."

The Falmouth police have confirmed the incident. They said that at 10:30 Saturday morning Gray went to a pharmacy and bought a bottle of gramoxone.

"He drank a portion of it and collapsed shortly after. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he died while undergoing treatment on Sunday morning," the police said.

In our first report, the article was written base on a WhatsApp voice note being circulated across social media. This current article, sourced from THE STAR, is an update which dismissed any other claims.



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