'Bush Doctor' Successfully Abort More Than 150 Pregnancies in 7 Years

A couple of an undisclosed location in Jamaica is claiming to be the most-sought-after black market 'gynecologists' island wide.

The duo, who are both in their mid-40s, said they specialize in abortion procedures and have successfully terminated more than 150 pregnancies in the past, using products from a garden in their backyard.

"We a do this fi about seven years now.

Me get a lot of persons so right now we work by appointments. We only do referral from trusted 'patients' because we nuh waah nobody carry police pon we.

People cannot be trusted nowadays," the male partner said.

Abortion is illegal in Jamaica, but the couple said they are not afraid to conduct the extremely dangerous procedure, and, ironically, they see themselves as live savers.

"Nuff man and woman would a kill off each other if them ever know say dem woman did pregnant or say dem man breed a next woman, " the female 'bush doctor' said.

The abortion yard has a 'bitter wood' tree and several small pots of herbs, some of which have been touted by herbal practitioners as having amazing healing powers.

"These are two of the main ingredients along with the bark of the bitter wood. There is a next 'special medicine', which me nah guh disclose, but a nuh anything that will damage the body.

Just know that everything come from the Earth," the female 'bush doctor' said.

The abortion process starts with a declaration form, which the patient also signs to keep details of the procedure confidential. Once the form is signed and a fee, which ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 is collected, the female is lead to the 'operation room'.

The room is furnished with three single beds, the larger section of a sofa, bedpans and a few nightgowns. A pair of scissors and other small medical instruments can be seen in a blue bath pan on top of a small night table.

"Mi boil the product dem very strong and give her in small portion. Mi wife then monitor her and as soon as she start feel pain, she check to see how far her womb a dilate. Most a the time that happen in just a few hours because a nuh joke medicine dis, enuh. But in a few cases, it take a while and we make them stay overnight or start the process and dem go end it a hospital and say dem a lose the baby," he said.

The male 'doctor' said his clients are from different socio-economic backgrounds, some of whom he said praised them for saving their relationships.

"A big shot lady come here one day and she pay we a whole lot more than we charged after we help her. She say she never did wa go any other doctor because everybody would a find out and she never want her husband know.

Me see her pon TV all the time and she a go thru with her life," he said.

The female 'doctor' made mention that bortions are done only on clients whose pregnancies are below 24 gestational weeks.



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