15-Y-O Connecting to WiFi Died After 'Gun Handling' Teen's Mishap

Grief and anger engulfed a section of Seaview Gardens, St Andrew, yesterday after a 15-year-old student died after being struck by a bullet from an illegal gun.

Police said the eighth grade Tarrant High school student, Olivia Gunzales, was among a group of friends when an illegal firearm went off hitting her. She was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

In a report made by THE STAR, Olivia was outside her Keywey Pathway home in Seaview Gardens about 9 p.m., connecting to the Internet via WIFI when she was shot.

It is further understood that the person who was handling the firearm at the time it went off is also a teen.

Keenan Gunzales, Olivia's 18-year-old brother, said he shared many good times with his sister.

"Mi just can't believe me likkle sister dead. She nuh start live no life yet. We bond wul heap and if we cuss we tun it inna gimmicks," he said.

Keenan said that when he got the news his sister was shot, he did not factor that death was in the equation.

"I was at a friend listening to music and somebody come tell me she get shot in her hand. That bad and not suh bad, but fi know she dead and can't come back," a distraught Keenan said.

Residents did not mince words as they decry the irresponsible behaviour of some adults in the community.

"Elder dem nuh fi give pickney gun. Dem nuh fi ina dem ting deh and engage pickney," one man said.



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